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  • 01
    In any case, it's delicious!
    By layering and simmering several kinds of vegetables, the flavor of each of them can be fully enhanced. You will not get tired of eating it every day due to the natural taste of the various vegetables.
  • 02
    You can eat lots of vegetables!
    If you simmer the vegetables in a saucepan, their volume will be reduced. This way, their taste will be abundant and you can eat more of them than raw or sautéed.
  • 03
    Arranged cooking can be done in no time!
    Most of the arranged dishes can be done in a short time because the simmer is already cooked.
  • 04
    There is little waste!
    Refrain from peeling as much as possible. Do not remove the deposit that forms on the surface. The basics of simmering are to cherish all the edible parts. Surprisingly no waste. Take the environment into account as much as possible by reducing the amount of waste.
  • 05
    Keeps for 5 days in the refrigerator!
    As no water is added during cooking, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days. (Can be stored frozen).
  • 06
    You can organize different menus!
    KASANENI is not a fixed dish, but a variety of side dishes. There are many types of arranged dishes ranging from Japanese / Western / Chinese to sweets.
  • 07
    A small amount of seasoning used for the arranged dishes is OK!
    As the taste and sweetness of the vegetables are fully enhanced, a small amount of seasoning is enough. Stews have a strong sweetness, so they are delicious without the use of sugar or broth.
  • 08
    One type of layered simmering can be enjoyed by everyone from young children to adults!
    Mélangez-le avec un mixeur afin de réaliser un potage d'aliments pour bébés et les soins infirmiers. Grandir des enfantsTout le monde peut en profiter simplement en ajoutant de la viande et du poisson et en changeant la finition.