What is KASANENI ?

KASANENI is a cooking method that reproduces the idea of ​​yin and yang harmony by giving the flavor of vegetables its full potential. It consists of layering them in a pressure cooker in the natural order established by providence and steaming them so that their taste can be maximized. The secret to obtaining this special flavor from vegetables lies in the way they are layered in the pressure cooker.

The vegetables (yin) that grow skyward are at the bottom of the pot. The vegetables (yang) that grow in the ground stand at the top. Chopped vegetables are layered according to their energy, sprinkled with a little salt. The water from the vegetables is drawn over low heat, and thus allows, by convection, to cook the vegetables by steam. The point is, vegetables are layered according to their energy, which makes them delicious.
In addition, their skin is not peeled off and all edible parts are used, event the deposit formed on the surface, and we naturally feel gratitude for the vegetables and the food.
"Try to imagine that you put the lid on the pressure cooker and heat it slowly, after a while the light scent of the vegetables increases and becomes more pronounced over time."
It's a deep taste that cannot be created intentionally.
The deep tastes and flavors of the layered simmered vegetables produced by their harmony have the ability to enhance the natural healing power of human beings. It is an essential cooking method especially for people in poor physical shape and young children.

Also, simmering in layers increases reducing power, so cooked food will be edible a long time. For example, it can be kept in the refrigerator for 5-7 days, so you can use the stored layered stews to develop a variety of arranged dishes, miso soup, salads, spicy dishes, soups such as dumplings and spring rolls, for main courses. In other words, the greatest merit of layered simmering is that you can easily eat vegetable dishes that are beneficial for your body on a daily basis.
Toneri Mina's KASANENI

Le mijotage en couches de Toneri Mina a été modernisé par rapport à sa version traditionnelle pour convenir à tout le monde.
Toneri Mina's layered simmering has been modernized from its traditional version to suit everyone.

For example, by combining it with foods of animal origin such as meat and fish, used as flavorful accents to complement vegetables. This modernized take on layered simmering offers dishes that require only a small amount of meat and fish, and renowned for their visual beauty, even by pastry chefs. In addition, we are picky about the table service that serves the dishes and select the dishes that suit them.