Mina Toneri

KASANENI and Toneri Mina

The universe and nature intertwine harmoniously and become essential ingredients and nutrients for us, nourishing our lives.

Because we do not understand the power of nature's providence, we are surrounded by instant food items and chemical seasonings that we easily incorporate into our daily life, causing a series of problems.
Layered simmering is a method that is not time consuming, difficult, or expensive, it is human wisdom. It is also an essential basic cooking method for eating delicious and healthy foods and for understanding nature's providence on a daily basis.More
Hiro Arai
Overseas Layered Simmering Activities
February / October 2015
- Simmering demonstration and cooking classes organized for 2 days each at Kayun restaurant in Bali, Indonesia.

February 2016
- Opening of a five-day simmered cooking class in Sydney, Australia.

September 2017
- Two-day simmered cooking class held at a gallery in Paris, France.
- Two-day simmered cooking class held at the Saint-Jean-de-Luz gallery.

February 2018
- 7 Day Simmered Cooking Class in Sydney, Australia.

October 2018
- One-Day Simmered Cooking Class at Kushimakuro Korea School in Seoul.