Why KASANENI is good for our health.

Why is simmering good for our health? If there are no intestinal bacteria which process food in the body, or if they are reduced by pesticides or chemical seasonings, the fermentation action in the intestines will be weakened and the intestinal action will be prone to putrefaction. When this happens, bad bacteria increase and cause all kinds of bad things in the body. Then the bad bacteria run away due to lifestyle diseases and cancer, weakening their physical strength and forcing us to live lives that are less creative. However, you can avoid them by consuming healthy grains and vegetables in the proper way and increasing your gut bacteria. Overcooking is the best way to get that healthy grain and vegetable the right way.

This is because, despite the fact that cooking in layers is easy, it is delicious and easy to eat, and it is a cooking method that can be sized so that the ingredients can be easily converted into gut bacteria. You can also increase postprandial comfort as part of your health. After having dinner, your sleep will be more natural and you will be very comfortable when you wake up the next morning. This is a phenomenon that occurs because simmered foods are an effective and stress-free diet for gut bacteria, which promotes cell replacement. The new cells take in the nutrients they make from their food.

For this reason, by eating a layered simmered meal, the quality of cells produced from this meal will improve, and it will be possible to strengthen one's own constitution and strive for a healthier life. Additionally, there is an oriental idea that any layered baking incorporates a natural balance. The deep love and respect for nature, which gives us something to live on, are the basis of repeated simmering. This way of thinking is an important thing that has been passed down from the past, and it can be said that layered simmering, which is a cooking method that uses it, is the greatest gift our ancestors gave us. Layered simmering is also a traditional cooking method.
Commercial potential of KASANENI

Compared to conventional healthy foods, Toneri Mina's layered simmering is superior in taste and aesthetics. It easily finds success with people with the most varied tastes, and guarantees the success of those who adopt it in the fields of food. For example, it was adopted as a basic cooking method by various existing restaurants and ceremonies, was widely developed as a health food, and received a lot of attention as a hospital food and baby food. In the future, it will spread around the world in the form of products such as retorts, sauces and dressings. In the coming period, the question will be how to convert what we eat into high quality energy sources and medicinal ingredients.

I think people with great gut bacteria will survive as creators. So how do you survive? We believe the answer lies in simmering. Therefore, in the future, I would like to study how much gut bacteria increase in cooked food and what kind of seeds will increase, and prove the superiority of cooked food. Additionally, layered simmering is a cooking method that derives its power from vegetables, is both delicious and healthy, so it has the potential to become the staple of cooking around the world. The era of satiety is over and we are now in the era of healthy eating. We believe that we need to focus on the advertising activities, including the use of the media, in order to make known and transmit to the influential people of the world the simmer, necessary for healthy eating.